Monday, October 24, 2011

Mud-day mud-day mud-day

My last day of guiding at the 6th Storm Gathering sea kayaking event was spent in the Menai Straits. The trip went well with Steve and I dispensing a string of 'top tips' as we paddled from Gallows Point towards the Swellies. We soon realised that by the time we would arrive back at Gallows Point it would be low tide revealing 400 metres of muddy shore.

Steve and I dropped the group at an easier landing beside the Gazelle Hotel. We then continued to Gallows Point to get the van and trailer. I was quietly hoping that we would get away with a shorter carry somehow.

However, the tide has recessed just as much as I had feared. Carrying and dragging the boats across the muddy shore was painfully hard work. We got plastered in mud, and that mud really stinks.


Will Herman said...

Another annual bath required I fear...

John Bunyan said...

Silly Jim! It was only a couple of months ago you had your last episode in that mud.