Monday, August 03, 2009

Whitehaven and Cunning Point

I took a small detour on the way to west Cumbria to help out with water safety on the swim section of the 'Iron Man' triathlon event.

I was astonished to see 1600 people going for an early morning swim. The foaming mess of arms and bodies at the start must have been a bit scary for some, and the noise was like raging white water rapid. The first swimmer completed the 2.5 mile course in around an hour and the last just over 2 and a half hours. With the swim over and breakfast time looming I rushed to Cumbria to meet Kate and Jess for a paddle round St Bees Head.

We headed for Whitehaven where there is a good launching spot just inside the harbour. The water conditions and wind were a little more than we bargained for so Jess stayed in the harbour.

Kate and I went for a short paddle north along the coast to watch the para-gliders hanging on the rising air currents over the steep cliffs near Cunning Point.

On our return to Whitehaven we found a scary sea monster had stolen Jess' kayak and was paddling confidently outside the harbour entrance.