Thursday, February 04, 2010

Kayak Coast2Coast - The Movie

The Kayak Coast 2 Coast team have gathered up some of the footage and photographs from last years trip to make a short film to tell the story. I asked my friend Helen Lagoe if she would help and she kindly agreed. Helen has done and wonderful job with the video editing. She has whipped up a really watchable film out of a collection of photos and what must have seemed like an endless string of footage.

Another friend, Michael McGoldrick let us use some of the music from his albums: 'Morning Rory' and 'Fused'.

The 12 minute film will be featured at the increasingly popular Sheffield Adventure Film Festival in one of the 'On the Edge' evenings. Kayak Coast 2 Coast can be viewed at 'Cafe Euro' 7.00pm Saturday 6th March.

7th March update - If you missed the screening in Sheffield you can watch it by clicking here.