Monday, July 15, 2013

Packing for Greenland

I'm starting to get excited about heading off for Greenland at the end of the week. Its time to get currency sorted and make sure I have all my travel documents ready. I have been watching the weather forecasts carefully looking at the satellite images of the sea ice.

Over the weekend I have been selecting what kit to take with me and weighing it in a effort to keep within the weight limits for flying. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank those that have helped me with kit for this expedition. Thanks to Lance at Mitchell Blades for my new 4-piece Bombora paddle I can now fit that in my main kit bag. I also have some great new dry bags from Ortleib and an innovative case from F Stop to keep my cameras and filming equipment clean and dry. Thanks to Pete at Peak UK for my new one-piece suit which ought to help keep me clean and dry. I'll be taking the Brynje thermal base layers that I've been testing recently. If they are good enough for Norwegian special forces, the ought to be good enough for this trip. When I get there I'll be paddling the P&H Scorpio that was shipped there last year. Finally, thanks to Clif Bar UK for supplying us with a generous supply of their energy bars.

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John Bunyan said...

Have a great trip Jim!