Monday, July 08, 2013

Cute Chicks

Another visit to The Skerries was too much to resist in spite of the unexpected breeze from the west. Setting out from Bull Bay, we could enjoy terrific views along Anglesey's north coast.

We stopped to play in the race off West Mouse before continuing on through the choppy seas past the Coal Rock buoy. As we drew closer to The Skerries and paddled and into calmer waters of the lagoon, the familiar cries of hundreds of Arctic terns filled the air around us.

Many of the eggs have hatched and there are now hundreds of hungry mouths to feed. Chicks tend to wander around whilst the parents are away fishing. When the parents return, it can be tricky to find their offspring.

A few of the bolder,  more enterprising youngsters will take advantage of this and persuade a 'lost' parent to feed them instead!

However, it is more usual for the family to gather on Sunday afternoon to eat dinner together. It seems hard to believe that in less than two months time, these fluffy little chicks will set off to fly thousands of miles to the shores of South America.

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