Tuesday, July 09, 2013

New Thermal Base layers

A couple of months ago I was sent a couple thermal base layer tops from Brynje of Norway. I must admit that when I first saw the 'string vest' material I was a little sceptical. However, Norwegian special forces use them so Brynje must be doing something right. These garments are close fitting, extremely stretchy and feel immediately warm to wear.

I first tried the 'Classic Wool' long sleeved top whilst taking part in the Seaquest kayak orienteering event at Ravenglass. This involved 3 hours of paddling with some running on a day when the weather could only be described a hideous. I wore the 'Classic Wool' top under a lightweight paddling cag as I expected to be paddling hard. I never felt too cold or too hot. Even at the finish, when I had to wait around for a while, I was pleasantly surprised as I didn't cool off too quickly even though I was soaked to the skin.

The feel of the material is really soft and comfortable even when wet. This is the most comfortable base layer that I have ever worn. The great thing about the 'string vest' material is that it dries really quickly. It wicks moisture away from the body really effectively and is super lightweight too.

I have also tried the 'Super Thermo' long sleeved top for cooler days when the paddling would be more laid back. The 'Super Thermo' range is entirely synthetic and has even better insulating and moisture wicking properties than the 'Classic Wool' range. Where the merino wool material is almost stink proof, the super thermo is more liable to get a bit more pongy between washes.

In spite of having the mickey taken for wearing a top that looks like a black string vest, I'll definitely be taking my Brynje base layers with me on my forthcoming trip to east Greenland.

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