Friday, October 26, 2007

The Yorkshire coast from the Air

Last weekend, after having paddled round Flamborough Head I made my way over to another 'yorkshire treasure'. Eddsfield airfield is so called simply because it is located in Edd's field. over 15 years ago Edd Peacock along with some like minded friends got together and began to create an airfield.

" We wanted it to be an airfield where there were no politics. no committees and no hassle. Just somewhere to come flying, or in the case of the British weather, somewhere to come and talk about flying."

The idea seems very much like my beloved North West Sea Kayakers.
I was privileged enough to be taken for a flight along the Yorkshire coast by Bill who lives locally, loves flying and shares my passion for aerial photography.

The conditions weren't ideal but we did get to see interesting patterns in the mist as it tumbled from Vale of York, over the sea cliffs and out to sea.

Mid morning boating in the sea off Scarborough.

Breathtaking views over Flamborough Head.

Back at the Eddsfield the atmosphere in the 'control tower' was lively and friendly as folk were dropping in and making plans for their next flights. I had a wonerful flying experience and a great time amongst some lovely peple.


Ol Peculier said...

Well caught pic over Scarborough. I've "flown" from that airstrip once, although I was tethered to the top of the biplane. From the look of the yachts you where in the air on a Sunday morning?

Jim Krawiecki said...

Yes Mr Peculier, I was over the area on Sunday morning.

Thanks for the feedback. Do you often find yourself strapped to the wing of a bi-plane, or was it by some odd mis-fortune.

Ol Peculier said...

Hi there

They had to stop doing it due to H&S regulations, but I did the wing walking through to Scarborough from there in aid of the lifeboats a few years ago. Great fun. No, honest! There's a couple of pics (though not of me) on the Eddsfield site

I'd talk to the yacht club in Scarborough about that shot too, a few of the owners may like a copy...