Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Blackpool Illuminations - A view from the sea

NWSK arrived in force at the Blackpool seafront in search of candy floss, 'Kiss me Quick' hats and amusement arcades. Such was our enthusiasm for the burlesque, we mostly arrived at least half an hour before the pre-determined rendezvous time. Eventually tradition took over and we took to the sea at dusk for a different perspective.

Peter's briefing was a short sermon, the kind that may have kept me interested in going to church. As we paddled north along the promenade wafts of doughnuts, chips and pies flowed strongly on the gentle south-easterly breeze.

Glen was mezmerised by the whirling lights and almost became caught up in the giant wheel on Central Pier. Phew Glen , that was a close one!

There were a few shouts from sea fishermen on the last leg back to the finish. Its really difficult to see their rods and lines in broad daylight let alone at night.

In the meantime Mark was trying to work out how to get his kayak onto the 'Big One'. In the meantime my mind was on supper. The weather had been kind - Peter's guidance was spot on, and we even found a wonderful Fish and Chip shop just across the road from where we landed.

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