Sunday, October 14, 2007

Circumnavigation of Walney Island

Walney Island lies off the south west Cumbrian coast. The Island is about 8 miles long but is less than a mile wide in most places. The northern half has an airfield and 'Vickerstown'.

I joined some nice folk from Duddon Canoe Club on a trip round the island. We started at the public slipway on Roa Island and began to make our way northwest up the Walney Channel.

Progress was swift on the rising tide as the imposing industrial skyline of Barrow-in-Furness loomed out from the misty morning.

This is locally known as 'The Big Shed'. This is where BAE Systems make 'Big Things'!

The North End is a perfect quiet spot for a lunch break.

As the tide falls, water ebbs to the west into the Irish Sea. The resulting tiderace is perfect for a spot of surfing before heading off to explore the west side of the island.

The west side of Walney has some good surfing spots but there is little more to expolre than miles of sandy beaches.

The south end of the Island has a nature reserve some of which is designated SSSI so we didn't land. Instead we carried on in failing light and headed north back the where we started at Roa completing the circumnavigation, a trip of 20 miles.

There are a few more photos here. Thanks once again the folk at Duddon Canoe Club for their guidance and fine company.

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