Sunday, September 07, 2014


Having filled up our water containers from some melting snowpack on Depot Island, a gentle southerly breeze followed us out of the channel that led out to the open sea. The ocean swell was powerful as it crashed into the foot of the huge cliffs and surged around huge icebergs.

Progressively choppy seas greeted us at each new headland and as we paddled into shadow it felt progressively cold too.

It was with a great sense of relief that we reached the southern tip of Storø at around 6pm. Storø means big island in Danish and with its towering peaks and ridges reaching to over 800 metres it certainly lives up to its name.

Our relief was short-lived as we realized that our camp for the night in one of the northern bays was still over 2 hours paddling away. The warmth of the sun had all but gone by the time of our arrival. Fortunately, the 2 hunting cabins that we had been told about were in reasonably good condition so there was no need for us to pitch any tents. There were also some scraps of wood so we quickly made a fire. This not only kept the evening chill at bay but meant that we could save fuel by cooking on it.

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