Monday, March 18, 2013

Extended Winter or Delayed Spring

This time last year on a trip to Bardsey Island, chiffchaffs were heard singing in the hedgerows and temperatures reached the low 20s. Today's weather forecast shows no sign of rising temperatures yet last weekends trip to Anglesey was the kind of classic more typical of summertime.

Saturdays plan was to paddle from Chruch Bay to Cemlyn and back again. The weather was better than expected and before we arrived at Cemlyn we decided that after a short lunch break, we would visit The Skerries.

The ferry glide had to be quite accurate as we would be approaching the islands during the strongest part of the tide. A last minute hiccup necessitated a quick sprint to reach the lagoon and avoid being swept south towards Holyhead.

After a short break we clambered up to the lighthouse to experience the amazing view before crossing back to church Bay.

The trip had been longer than expected. When we landed at Church Bay we packed up quickly so that we could get to Caban at Brynfrefail in time for the evening talk by Olly Sanders.

Sunday mornings weather was less encouraging. Snow and hail gave the streets of Llanberis a thick layer of slush. The east coast of Anglesey to the north of Moelfre gave us plenty of entertainment.

Ynus Dulas is a must do for this coast. The seals there are so inquisitive we were followed almost all the way back to the mainland.

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