Monday, March 25, 2013

Baltic Menai - Two days on the Straits

Here we are in late March and people are struggling with ice and snow drifts. Yet, a small group of enthusiastic sea kayakers are persisting with the freezing temperatures and getting the most out of the weekends' paddling opportunity.

On Saturday morning I drove along the A55 through wintry scenes with fresh snow clinging to the trees. When I arrived at Menai Bridge I was greeted with a mixture of enthusiasm and words like, "We must be absolutely crazy!"

With plenty of warm layers under our drysuits we set off to get warmed up with some practice amongst the bridge pillars of the Menai suspension bridge.

We saw plenty of bird life as we drifted between the islands west side of The Swellies before heading into the woods for a sheltered lunch spot.

The return to Menai Bridge was helped by the new flood stream rising from the south but the strong north-easterly, with temperatures barely above freezing, we were glad to get off the water and into the pub!

Sunday was colder and the wind just as strong. This time we planned for a one-way trip from Menai Bridge to Moel y Don, opposite Y Felinheli. Pogies would have been handy.

One of the rewards of paddling in fierce weather is the ever changing light conditions. Every now and then, wintry shafts of golden sun shone through highlighting small patches of scenery.

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