Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mad March trip on the Menai

Early March is throwing a variety of weather our way but blustery conditions didn't stop us from getting out for a breezy paddle. Several of us sought shelter in the Menai Straits. We headed south from Menai Bridge and began to take on the southerly breeze that stood between us and and our lunch stop at Y Felinheli.

Starting later than intended, the tide turned against us so we crept along close to the shore to keep out of the flow. Even so the wind and spray kept our forward speed down to a crawl.

Eventually we made it to Y Felinheli through a vicious squall. The best option was to dart into the nearest pub for warmth and refreshment. The folk at Y Garddfon Inn were very welcoming despite our bedraggled and wind-swept appearance. They served us with tea, hot chocolate, chips and beer.

Once we had warmed up the return journey was easy cruising with wind and tide behind us. Upon our arrival back at Menai Bridge the wind dropped and we were greeted by a hint of warm spring sunshine.

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