Saturday, March 10, 2012

Changes at Chrolton Meadows

I am lucky enough to live beside the Mersey Valley. Chorlton meadows are a wonderful open space with nature reserves and parkland nearby. I was brought up around here and it is rewarding to see how not only the seasons change, but also how things change from one year to the next.

Chorlton Ees nature reserve was developed on land that was once occupied by Withington Sewage Works. Many of the Victorian structures remain to this day mostly overgrown or partially buried.

Changes are on the way once again as the new Metrolink development is about to tear its way through woodland and stride across the River Mersey close to Jackson's Boat pub. It seems that industry will only leave the Mersey Valley alone on a temporary basis. However, its is comforting to know that the sacrifice is being made in the interests of developing a competitively sustainable and modern transport system.

Today I have been carrying my camera around in a my new F-Stop camera case. It can be carried around on its own with a shoulder strap but it also slips conveniently into a small rucksack.

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