Monday, January 30, 2012

St Tudwal's in mid winter

So many outdoor plans have been curtailed or even cancelled due to the weather this winter. Its always a real treat when a break in the winter storms comes just at the right time.

A dusting of snow on the mountains of Snowdonia made the perfect backdrop for a paddle round the St Tudwal's Islands and Trywyn Cilan. The sea was eerily calm but there was enough swell to make us think twice about venturing too deep into the prized caves of the eastern island.

Having spent lunch at Porth Ceiriad we set off to explore Trywyn Cilan. This blocky headland forms the eastern end of Porth Neigwl (Hell's Mouth). The swell was much bigger amongst the gullies and arches and a couple of daring raids in amongst the rock architecture almost got punished.

With sugar coated hills up ahead and darkening skies behind, high spirited paddlers reluctantly turned for home, leaving the sea to be shrouded by the quiet onset of nightfall.

Back at the Tanrallt Mountain centre, a spirit (and haggis) fueled party went on late into the night. As if the paddling were not enough, bar football, pool and 'ping-pong' built the perfect appetite for a belated Burn's supper.

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