Monday, January 23, 2012

Bad Company - The Zoo (reunited)

Many years ago I was part of a group of under performing outdoor cretins known only by rumour as 'The Zoo'. Paddling, climbing, mountain biking, drinking and general mayhem was our trade but eventually responsibilities got the better of our tomfoolery. Gradually, the animals escaped from 'The Zoo'. Just recently, the prospect of mid life crisis brought us back together for one of those 'one night only' performances. Like Status Quo, these performances may well happen again and again.

River paddling trips traditionally began with a heavy night out to ensure that a heavy hangover could be cultivated. Friday night developed into a long session with hot curry and plenty of beer. The required hangover had been established and was accompanied by a the unmistakable stale odour of unwashed fools.

Eager to rediscover our paddling inadequacies, we headed off to Llangollen to paddle the river Dee. The levels on Saturday were quite sporty and 'Serpent's Tail' was in fine voice.

Ian's line was a little too close to the right for comfort...

Craig took a line close to the left bank depositing some of his boat on the riverbed.

Chris with some 'old school' tricks...

Many will be hoping that this was indeed a 'one night only' get together but plans are already being made for a comeback tour scheduled to begin on a river (and a pub) near you very soon.

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