Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A View From Above

The tiredness that followed the previous weekend's crossing to the Isle of Man continued into last weekend. Fortunately the gentle northerly breeze cleared up the visibility on the east coast so I headed off for Eddsfield Airfield near Bridlington where I have made some friends. Bill and I took off early in the morning heading for Holy Island off the Northumberland Coast.

This is such a fantastic way to view the coastline (or any other landscape for that matter).

We followed the northumberland coast along through Cleveland and North Yorkshire. When we rouded the headland at Scarborough we called ahead to Eddsfield to let them know that we would be arriving shortly and also to request a couple of bacon butties.

Cheers to Bill and all of the rest of the helpful & friendly folk at Eddsfield Airfield.

There are more photos from this flight to be viewed here.

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