Thursday, December 14, 2006

'Welsh Sea Kayaking' - soon to hit the national press

Following the successes of the Kendal Mountain Film Festival weekend, journalist and Author Ed Douglas managed to stir up some media interest in the 'Welsh Sea Kayaking' guidebook.

Ed had expressed a keen interest coming along for a paddle with the aim to doing a piece for the Daily Telegraph. The idea was to feature the authors and provide readers with a background to the rapid growth of Sea Kayaking generally.

There was a miraculous spell of sunny weather on the Monday morning, that followed two weeks of gale force winds and spells of torrential rain. At short notice, the acclaimed adventure sports photographer Ray Wood joined us to make the most of the dazzling golden sunshine.

Four of us paddled from Menai Bridge along the Menai Strait to the 'Gazelle Hotel' opposite Bangor Pier. Publisher and kayak coaching guru, Franco Ferrero was on hand to give Ed some rudimentary 'on the water' guidance, and Kirstine was on hand to make sure I behaved myself.

A cold wind had developed by the time we arrived at our final destination, but there was still time for a few more photographs before heading indoors to continue the interview over a warming bowl of soup.

Many thanks to Nigel Dennis of Sea Kayaking UK for supplying The kayak and kit to Ed Douglas for the day.

All photographs on todays blog are kindly supplied by Franco Ferrero.

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