Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Search for Santa at South Stack

The theory went that if Santa was to approach Wales from the northwest then we might be able to spot him from our kayaks if we paddled around North and South Stack near Holyhead, Anglesey.
Barry and I assembled a crack(er) team of elite paddlers including Kath, Liz, Pete, Ed & Michelle and Jane & Chris. Spot (the collie dog) did not paddle due to felling a little 'ruff' but acted as shore support.

Kath and I paddled my 'Aleut 2' double kayak and as it was nearly Christmas we made a pact not to argue fuss or fight, but to play nicely and be kind and considerate to others. (photo by Liz)

The Aleut 2 kayak complete with crew and Christmas goose! (photo by Liz)

Liz and Barry paddled his NDK Triton double kayak, Liz called me names and from that moment onwards IT WAS WAR! All the dirty tricks were pulled out of the bag; paddle splashing, (gentle) ramming and the use of portable bilge pumps cunningly used as manual watercannon.

Ed and Michelle managed to keep the peace during the lunchtime picnic in Parliament House Cave. The enthusiasm for war and hostility was soon quashed by our full tummies, the abundance of mince pies and chocolate rum truffles had us leaving the beach feeling quite mellow. Nevertheless we managed to russle up enough energy for a brief play in the tidal race at North Stack. Some stopped to play in the waves at South stack too but Kath and I headed off to continue in our quest to find Santa's flightpath.

....and after waiting patiently we were duly rewarded!

After we arrived back at Porth Dafarch we loaded our boats back on to our cars and drove off to the Trearrdur Bay Hotel to celebrate with a nice cup of tea!

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