Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Farne Islands - Ducks, Auks and Seals

There are between 15 and 28 islands in this archipelago depending on the height of the tide. Each Spring these islands off the Northumbrian coast come to life with the arrival of the tourists but in turn, the tourists come to see the hundreds of thousands of breeding sea birds.

The local boat operators that work out of the nearby port of Seahouses are keen to make the best that they can during what is a short season. The nesting season begins in late May, but is all over by early August.

To kayakers with an interest in wildlife, this is paradise. Not only do the birds and seals keep us entertained, but the powerful currents create tide races and overfalls completing an ocean playground that stretches across 16 square kilometres of sea.

The Farne Islands occupy a special place in British, and worldwide natural history. To explore this place quietly by kayak is a privilege and a pleasure.

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