Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Icy East Greenland - Part 3

We left the valley that time forgot and launched once again into thick patches of ice floating on a gentle swell. The route finding was challenging as we made our way towards the entrance to Sermilik Fjord. This fjord has a reputation for ice due to the 3 glaciers that calve into it. However, we found stretches of open water and soon arrived at the abandoned village of Ikateq.

We stopped for an early lunch and to explore to old buildings that had supported a small community until the late 1990s.

The church is in marvellous condition. It would seem that someone has been looking after quite well. The altar and pews are clean and the organ looks as if it were used just yesterday.

The school room is next door and is a little more chaotic. It seems as things got a little too exciting when the last class was dismissed.

It is interesting to see books on familiar subjects. Geography, wildlife, religion. Yet it felt quite eerie to be in a classroom that time has not touched since children were last learning their times tables here.

There were VHS video tapes, teachers curricular notes still in the posting envelope and even this desktop pencil sharpener.

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