Monday, June 03, 2013

Northumberland - A Warmer Return

Since my last visit just after Easter, Northumberland has turned green and sprung into life. The dawn chorus woke us up early and following a leisurely breakfast on the campsite, Dave and I headed for Bamburgh beach in search of the Farne Islands.

The sea was unusually flat with hardly any swell at all. As we arrived at Longstone the sun broke through the chilly morning gloom and blue skies dominated the rest of the day.

The delayed start of spring was obvious here earlier in April but things have finally got into swing. Seals are inquisitive as ever and obviously enjoying basking in the warm sunshine.

Birdlife is building towards its crescendo with Arctic terns and kittiwakes incubating eggs. I wore my kayaking helmet for my visit to Inner Farne but the wardens asked me to take it off. When the terns dive bomb you (occasionally making contact) they could break their beaks. As soon as I took it off i got my head pecked.

Puffins are always everyone's favourite and don't dive bomb you or peck people's heads.

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