Wednesday, May 08, 2013

30th Anglesey Sea Symposium

The Anglesey Sea Symposium is 30 years old. The event started as 'The Nordkapp Meet' and was free to any Valley Kayak owners. Since then the event has evolved into the Anglesey Sea Symposium and attracts paddlers from around the world.

The combination of day trips and coaching sessions, world renowned guest speakers and live music is clearly the winning combination.

It is important not to forget the venue. Anglesey is one of the best sea kayaking destinations in the world. It has the scenery and wildlife, exposure to the elements and sheltered waters, and it is within easy reach by road, sea and air.

I had the pleasure of presenting my expedition film 'Gino's Greenland' on the Sunday evening. Over the weekend I was helping out on the water with some guiding in a variety of conditions.

We had sessions in force 5-6 in big waves...

... and rockhopping in the shelter of the cliffs along Anglesey's north coast.


Miamaria Padlemia said...

One day, maybe... Tempting.

Jim Krawiecki said...

Hey Mia, Its a great event. Many paddlers come from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Holland. They usually stay for a whole week some even stay for 2 weeks.