Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Sweden Part 3 - A Feast from the Sea

The prospect of poor weather hailed an early end to our sea kayaking adventures but there was one more surprise left. A break in the weather allowed us to visit Everts Sjöbod (Evert's Boathouse).

After we had explored the this old fashioned wooden building, we got dressed in all-weather clothing and climbed aboard the traditionally-built 1952 fishing boat 'Tuffa'.

We were taken out to a more remote part of the coast where the lobster fishing is good to a site there baited lobster pots had previously been laid. Fishing has been in the family of our guide for many generations and he demonstrated how to haul up the pots. It was then my turn. Once I had successfully hooked the buoy I began to enthusiastically haul away. Our guide then called out "32 Metres!" I curbed my enthusiasm and drew in the line at a more sober rate. By the time the pot rose to the surface I was exhausted! Lobster fishermen must be much fitter and stronger than me.

After collecting a good catch of lobster, crab and crayfish we headed back to the boathouse where a table had been laid. I'm pleased to say that the delicious spread that was laid out before us was a good match for our appetites. All that hard work on 'Tuffa' had developed a voracious hunger. 

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