Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Book Has Arrived

This is the moment at which I first managed to get my mucky paws on this long awaited book. This project has been the focus of my spare time for the last four years.

Photo: Will Herman

This has meant that I have spent most weekends and holidays paddling, researching, photographing and writing about some fantastic coastal scenery. Some of the coastlines, like those of Northumberland and Yorkshire, are already well known for their classic sea kayaking scenery. However, it is hoped that this guidebook will open up some of the less well known shores like the Durham Heritage Coast, Cumbrian estuaries and the Isle of Man.

You can order the book by clicking here

There will also be a small number of launch events open to all.


eurion said...

Looking forward to smelling the ink on paper of your new book and being enticed to paddle up north where it is rumoured mutant tail less cats abound and the best pies and ales in the universe can be found. Congratulations Jim.

Simon said...

Congratulations Jim! It's a heck of an achievement.
Simon W

David A said...

Good luck with the launch of the book.
David A

Mark said...

Good effort Jim, I look forwards to seeing it.
Mark G.

Chris said...

Thanks Jim! Enjoying the read, definitely a very impressive achievement. I think everybody except the Welsh and Scottish Tourist Boards will like it!

Kate Duffus said...

Jim, it's great. I'm really enjoying reading it.

Martin Heywood said...

A couple of years ago I won the BCU Canoe Focus magazine photo competition and you emailed me via the BCU to ask for permission to use the photo in your book. I was just wondering if you did use it. It was of a surf kayaker "subbing" in Cayton Bay near Scarborough.

Jim Krawiecki said...

Hi Martin, I remember the photograph and it is a great shot too. Thanks again for giving me your permission for its use. I did send it in my final selection to the publisher but sadly it didn't get chosen for the final version of the book.