Friday, February 04, 2011

Book Ahoy!

Over the last 3 years I have been busy researching, photographing and writing about the shores of northern England and the Isle of Man. I have worn out at least one kayak, strained several friendships, overwhelmed two computers and drowned a couple of cameras. As for pubs, cafes and chip shops... let's not go there!

At last the end seems in sight. The new guidebook is called Northern England and Isle of Man and describes '50 great Sea Kayak Voyages'. Pesda Press have announced the publication date as 2nd of May. There is more information about the book here.


John Bunyan said...

Congratulations Jim, looking forward to it!

Will Herman said...

Good effort Jim.

John - would you mind if I borrow your copy at some point...?
Just kidding!


Paula said...

Fabulous news! It looks great. Tell us more -- I want to get the local public library to order a copy.

Victoria Kayaker said...

Three cheers for you Jim! I was there to witness the drowning of one of the cameras, a sad thing that, but I'll never forget the friendship and aid you graciously provided me. I'm placing an order with Presda Press right now. I'll get you to sign it over a pint the next time I'm in GB. Your humble servant on Vancouver Island. Gordin Warner