Friday, July 16, 2010

Chorlton Beer Festival

The dry sunny weather has left gardens and lawns parched and a hosepipe ban looming. Another of the first signs of summer is Chorlton Beer Festival. It is usually best to sample the fine ales on the opening Friday evening session, as by half way through Saturday, some of the more popular potions may have been guzzled away.

The event was impeccably organised by the Trafford and Hulme branch of CAMRA. There were over 50 real ales to choose from as well as around 30 traditional ciders and a selection of Belgian beers too.

Thanks to St Clements Church providing the perfect venue, this annual festival continues to thrive and has become a real focus for a broad cross section of the community from Chorlton and beyond.

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Katie said...

Summer is a wonderful time of the year as it allows for so many beer festivals. I cant wait to attend my first one in August and get summer off to a start!