Monday, June 23, 2008

The windy way round the island of Walney

I had originally planned for an overnight trip to camp at Peil Island and paddle round Walney. These plans were all but abandoned due to the onset of some pretty foul weather. Nevertheless Mark insisted on not staying at home and completing another circumnavigation just the same. We were joined by Bill & Royanne who met us at the village of Biggar on the island of Walney.

We started from the west shore at 'Cross Dike Scar' and paddled round the south east point amongst plenty of chop and swell generated by the strengthening force 4 southeasterly wind and opposing tidal currents.

We landed briefly on Peil Island to make sort out misplaced footrests, jammed skegs and other associated maintenance . Mark and I found time for a swift half at the Ship Inn too!

The flooding tide and freshening force 5 (gusts of 6/7) wind rushed us up the Walney Channel. It seemed that all we had to do is steer and surf all the way to the shelter of North End Haws where we took a short sandwich and chocolate break.

Progress along the west shore was fine at first in the lee shelter and with some assistance from the ebb tide. As time went on, and as the coastline turned more southeasterly our progress slowed. The last 2km took nearly half an hour!

In the interests of keeping with tradition the post circumnavigation briefing was adjourned to the nearest pub. The Queens Arms at Biggar was perfect!

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