Sunday, December 09, 2007

Shark Found in the River Ribble

The weekend monsoon had left plenty of water in most of the rivers in northern England and with the promise of calmer weather, I decided to join some friends for a paddle on the Ribble in Lancashire. Its easy paddling and very scenic. The Ribble Valley is renowned for its beauty and is popular with tourists, especially ramblers.

As we neared the end of our trip 2 of my friends who were paddling an inflatable canoe spotted something big and red on the riverbank. It must have been washed up by the previous night's flood.


We think this beast may have escaped from a nearby panto performance of Jaws. I have never come accross a pantomime shark before but those teeth look rather sharp. Blessed with hindsight we decided that giving it a ride home on an inflatable canoe was unwise.


stinepea said...

what happened? did the shark bite the boat when it woke up?

Chris said...

It swam away at the next rapid, fortunately without biting anyone. It's on its way back to its natural environment.

Chris said...
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