Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My brother's day in the hills

Earlier today my brother, Chris sent me a quick email about his day out in Snowdonia...............

Hi Jim,
I had a great day out yesterday. Essentially did the Llyn Bochlwydd horseshoe with Giles. Day started very erred on the Western face of Tryfan...out of the sun, but also the wind. By the time we were down in Bwlch Tryfan, wind was dropping so we decided on Bristly ridge! Well it all went rather fine...................

Just before Great Pinnacle Gap found two teenagers in a bit of a state..trying to get down off the ridge. Never been up a mountain food, drink, map...etc!!

But she was sporting a nice pair of fashion wellies!! Anyway thought they'd done well to get this far without killing themselves, so led them and Giles up and over...think I deserve a medal!

Happy Paddling on IOM...


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