Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Skerries - A superb evening trip.

Trevor, Mark, Maurice and I arrived at Cemlyn Bay on the north coast of Anglesey in the late afternoon and began to prepare for our sea kayaking trip to 'The Skerries'. This small group of islands lie about 3km offshore in amongst some of the most powerful tidal streams of the Welsh Coast. We had beautiful weather making conditions for a perfect evening paddle.

During the crossing we passed 'Furlong' and 'Coal Rock' buoys. The seas were smooth and we enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine.

As we approached 'The Skerries' we were amazed by the noise generated by the hundreds of Arctic and Common Terns that breed on the islands each Summer. Some of the Atlantic Grey Seals escorted us into the lagoon, whilst some kept a watchful eye on us from their rocky vantages.

Once we landed we set about some tentative exploring being careful not to wander into Tern nesting areas. If you get too close, the birds will let you know in true 'Hitchcock' fashion.

We met with the wardens who live in the lighthouse during the summer months whilst studying and keeping watch over this important breeding colony.

We left 'The Skerries' as soon as the tide turned. The evening light provided us with some spectacular photo opportunities.

As we approached West Mouse the tide had really got going.

Finally we reached the beach at Cemlyn shortly before sunset.

For more information on sea kayaking trips to the Skerries consult Chapter 10 of the new guidebook 'Welsh Sea Kayaking'.

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